Fluent Medical English Club

An exclusive programe for international doctors who want to have meaningful conversations in English.

Who is this for?

The Fluent Medical English Club is for international doctors who want to communicate more effectively with patients and be able to express themselves fully when talking to their professional colleagues.

We welcome doctors with a B2 level of spoken English and above.

Does this sound like you?

  • You hesitate when speaking.
  • You feel your colleagues speak more fluently than you.
  • Understanding native speakers is challenging.
  • You feel excluded from medical discussions.
  • Your English is impacting your career development.
  • Fear of embarrassment stops you talking to other doctors.
  • You worry others see you as less competent due to your English skills.
  • You are comfortable with medical terminology but struggle with layman’s terms (the language patients understand).

Rachel Williams

Medical English Coach
MA in Applied Linguistics

I am a former nurse and qualified medical English coach who has been working with medical professionals since 2008.

In 2020, I left my position as a teacher and language assessor to offer my services online. I wanted to work with professionals who had clear goals and who would benefit from my skills.
I’ve helped doctors from all specialities achieve their goals – doctors from all four corners of the earth.

Working 1:1 we were able to focus on the specific skills they needed to become proficient speakers of English.

But I wanted to help doctors overcome the fear of speaking in public and speaking to other doctors.

So, I created the Fluent Medical English Club, a place where you can practise your medical English, get individual feedback and support, and build real connections with other doctors who are on the same path.

What's in the club?

Weekly Speaking Prompts

Record yourself and get individual feedback.

Weekly Dictations

Give your listening skills a boost by listening to real-life medical conversations and podcasts.

Weekly Ask a Question Sessions

Live group sessions about everything medical.

Resource Library

Everything you need for self-study - podcasts, interactive exercises, medical blogs & vocabulary building strategies.

Monthly Group Meetings

Practise English with your peers in small breakout rooms.


Exam preparation and
Medical Communication Skills.

Matching Programme

Meet 1:1 with your peers and build professional relationships.

Telegram Group

For all your questions and group information.

I know the challenges advanced learners face.

Learning at an advanced level comes with its own set of challenges, very different from those you encounter at beginner or intermediate stages.

As you climb to higher levels of proficiency, each step requires more effort and time. Without the clear progress that drove you at earlier stages, you can feel demotivated. Stuck.

You know what correct English sounds like and fear making embarrassing mistakes.

This fear knocks your confidence and the idea of talking to other doctors in English becomes more of a nightmare than a dream.

Build your language learning habit one day at a time.

Ready to Join?

What is a proficient speaker of medical English?

In medicine, you chose a speciality so you could become an expert in that area.

Working with advanced learners of medical English is my area of expertise. I understand the challenges.

Becoming proficient is not about learning more vocabulary and grammar. It is about having the confidence to use the language you have more flexibly.

As a proficient communicator, you understand the cultural nuances of medical English and can respond appropriately, authentically and empathetically. You are able to identify and resolve misunderstandings easily.

Most importantly, your patients trust you, your colleagues respect you, and you are able to practise medicine safely.

What can you expect from Rachel?

Dr Kaya
Fluent Medical English Club Mentor

Studying English with Rachel has been a fun, rewarding and satisfying process for me.

I had been having some problems in my fluency while speaking English. I think my main problem was not easily retrieving the words that I already knew. Of course, it was a result of lack of practising, but I think my lack of confidence was making it worse.

I chose Rachel because I noticed that she’s a former nurse, which means that she’s an insider as a healthcare professional and she knows the needs and struggles of both the patients and health care professionals.

As a part of our study with Rachel, I was recording myself. It was a great activity for me because it helped me to see my weaknesses and strengths. It was like an instant feedback, and it also helped me to see my improvement. I passed my OET in my first attempt.

I feel more confident now and my English is getting better every day.

I am looking forward to supporting other doctors in the Fluent Medical English Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

The weekly question and answer sessions are at 14:00 hours every Friday (UTC). The monthly group sessions change to the best time for everyone. You will be asked to vote on a poll.

You will be invited to join the Matcha programme. You will be asked for some information about your  profession, language and goals, and the times when you can meet. The programme will match you with another doctor or one of the course mentors for a 30 minute chat. You can talk about anything you want, but the programme will also make some suggestions.

Would you cook a meal for someone without tasting it first?

Listening to yourself regularly will increase your self-awareness; you’ll soon notice the little things that you can work on to make yourself sound more proficient.

Additional feedback from me will keep you motivated and give you insights into the cultural nuances of the language.

I offer 1:1 coaching packages starting at £89 for 4 sessions.

In any month that you complete 8 or more activities (Example: 4 speaking prompts, 2 dictations, 1 live meeting and 1 match up session), you will receive a 50% off voucher for a future month (to be used within 3 months).

You’ll be able to see your progress on a visual tracker. Activities must be completed on different days.

The programme focuses on sharing experiences from medical practice and so is not suitable for medical students.

In addition to weekly speaking prompts, dictations and live sessions you will have access to all new courses, including the LinkedIn Profile Builder, and quarterly guest sessions from medical professionals.

Yes. The weekly prompts will be sent out on Telegram along with individual audio feedback. You will also find links to resources and the club rules in the Telegram group.

Ready to Join?
Programme Starts March 11th - Spaces Limited