About me

Helping Doctors and Nurses learn Medical English since 2008. Friendly, approachable and patient. Teaches real English. 


Hello. I’m Rachel Williams, a diploma-qualified English language teacher, trainer and language assessor with an MA in Applied Linguistics and a background in healthcare.

As a nurse working on the hospital wards and in the theatres (operating rooms) of our National Health Service (NHS), I worked alongside nurses from the Philippines, India and Poland, doctors from Iraq, Germany and Spain. I saw the challenges they faced, communicating in a second, or third language in stressful situations.

Native speakers don’t always make it easier. I didn’t always make it easier. I am sorry.  I didn’t have the skills I’ve now learned as a teacher and language assessor. Skills that can improve communication and working relationships. Skills I can teach you.

My approach

Now, as a teacher, I continue to work with medical professionals from across the world, from different specialities. Together, we practise the skills that can make communication easier so you can face the challenges of working in an English-speaking environment with confidence.

You’ll learn how to use the language that patients understand and use, so you can avoid misunderstandings.

I’ll research your speciality and assess your language level so that our sessions focus on your needs.

During our sessions you’ll practise asking questions, explaining medical procedures, and giving instructions and advice. Also, you’ll do most of the talking. I’ll listen and give you useful feedback. You’ll get space and time to ask questions and decide what you want to focus on.

About me
“If you are a doctor who is planning to go abroad, Rachel is definitely the tutor for you. She always prepares beautiful slides and new homework for you. My lessons with her are truly medicine-focused and they are really useful because she doesn’t only teach you medical terms, but also how to actually talk to patients. And that is something you can’t learn from a book or from any other tutor I tried in the past. Furthermore, at any time you can stop and talk to her about whatever you want to have a laugh, because she’s fun too!”
Dr. Elizabetta Mazza
Gynecologist, Italy


I’m not just a teacher, I’m a learner, too. A life-long learner. I wanted to understand what it was like to learn a language as an adult, so I learned French in my 30s and I’ve just started learning German.

I changed careers at 40 to train as an English language teacher and I went back to university in 2018 to do my Master’s.

I live on the south coast of England and I cycle everywhere. Sometimes I disappear in my campervan for quiet reading weekends. But mostly, you’ll find me happily spending time with my family and friends.

Interested in working with me?

I teach medical professionals who have an intermediate level of English and above and would like to work with a fun and engaging teacher. Not sure of your level? Book a short, free consultation today.